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It’s official. Alexandria Crow’s classes are the best thing that’s ever happened to our yoga practice. Ultimate yoga butt anyone? Based in Santa Monica, Alex is a yoga teacher best known for video sessions that make you stretch, sweat and smile all at once. If you’ve ever taken one of Alex’s Yogaworks classes, you’ll know that the former gymnast is hilarious and always insightful, with an emphasis on encouraging personal growth and confidence in every one of her students. What a woman!

When she’s not practicing inversions or meditating in her downtime, you’ll find Alex with her toes in the sand on the beautiful Santa Monica beach. We caught up with Alex and quizzed her on the daily rituals and active essentials that keep her world turning…

MNB: Hi there, welcome to our humble MNB! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your story?

Fitness-wise, I’m a retired gymnast, something I did until I was 20 years old.  When that ended my fear of ‘what to do next’ began.  As an athlete I love physical challenge but for a purpose or goal.  Running on a treadmill at the gym doesn’t quite provide that same feeling!  Enter – TA DA! – Yoga!  One of my best friends said I’d appreciate the physicality as it mimics gymnastics but knowing me personally, she said I’d also relate to the mental and spiritual aspects, as I’ve been on a quest for growth in that area my entire life.

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