Ask A Yogi – Can I get Buff from Yoga? What if I’m not Flexible?

You had questions and our instructor, Jesse Schein, answered them!

Are there any negative long term effects of Yoga:

It really depends on how you treat your body and the awareness you bring to your practice. As we age or shift into different places in our lives our needs change. What once was effective and beneficial might need to be toned down or perhaps elevated. As long as we are listening to our bodies, listening to instruction, and giving ourselves what we need in order to be nourished and safe, then the yoga is working. If we are getting injured or depleted by our practice then something needs to change. If we are aware of our bodies and our changes then I believe we can be doing yoga our entire lives.

Can you get buff from only doing yoga and no cardio?

I need to be a wee bit brutally honest here. Some people can and some cannot. It’s a genetic lottery. There are some body types who only do yoga and can get buff from it.  (This is the case for me..Don’t hate me. I have a ton of other issues! Don’t worry)…Some body types need both. There are so many different body types and genetic pools! What works for one will not necessarily work for another. Also diet and stress level play a huge role in how our bodies respond to things.

I want to try yoga, but I’m not flexible, can I still do it?

I LOVE this question. I also wish people would ask “I want to try yoga but I am very strong or I am overly flexible”. ANYONE can do yoga. ANYONE. All you need is the desire and ability to show up. Yoga, while thought to be a physical practice is more about one’s mental approach to the physical. HOW we do poses, from the state of mind we do them and how we cope once we are in them is the real yoga. Example: When asked to forward fold, one must asses how far. You should know your limits and know when to push a little further. Know when they could get hurt and know when to back off.  THEN- pause and be in the pose. Non reactive… not distracted just simply present in the pose. I GUARANTEE you that the people who are touching their toes easily are NO HAPPIER in life! Yoga is about BALANCE not about flexibility.


jesse schein online yoga instructor photo by fluid frame

Jesse Schein believes that yoga allows others to tap into their inner strength, connect more with themselves and LAUGH!  In Jesse’s classes, she teaches people to let go of the things that are holding them back and build courage and kindness towards themselves and others.  Visit Jesse’s website, take Jesse’s online yoga classes or public classes at YogaWorks in Santa Monica, or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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