Post Run Yoga Classes

post run yoga videoPreparing for a marathon was one of the worst things for my yoga practice. Carving out time for a 90 minute yoga session seemed almost impossible to me. ESPECIALLY when my weekly mileage was creeping up into the 40-45 miles a week. There just wasn’t enough time in the day, but I knew the importance yoga played in the health of my body during the grueling training.  For a while, I thought that doing 30 minutes of yoga at home wasn’t going to be beneficial, but I came to the conclusion that some is better then none.

Enter online yoga classes. I knew all I needed was a post run yoga video; whether that class was 15 minutes of 45 minutes it didn’t matter to me. I knew it was still going to stretch and strengthen the areas that needed attention.  I started with the MyYogaWorks Runners Journey Series, online yoga classes designed specifically for runners. There are post run yoga videos for your hamstrings and hips, and my favorite kind of online yoga class Yin.

yin yoga online classThis juncture in my fitness life opened up an entirely new dimension of yoga for me. I used to focus on doing 90 minute vinyasa flow classes and now I was taking online yoga classes that focused on specific body parts, or specialty yoga classes that I never made time for previously. Since my marathon training, I’ve continued my at home yoga practice and feel more connected to my body than ever. Not to mention there’s no better feeling than doing a juicy 15 minute yin bedtime sequence right before I lay down for the night. I seriously recommend it!

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