Prenatal Yoga Classes, Just For You

Dear Patti,
I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU for your online prenatal yoga classes. A friend who is fortunate to live in CA and take classes with you in person recommended myogaworks to me and your classes in particular when I asked her about resources for prenatal yoga classes. I am expecting my first baby in February and recently moved to Boston. The few prenatal yoga classes I have found that are close by are only offered once a week in the evenings (when I am ready to eat dinner and wind down!) and don’t fit with my needs. Your classes have provided an amazing, instant, customizable, and informed way for me to practice yoga everyday in my living room. I love that I can get a full class that I don’t have to adjust to my growing belly because you have done all the work by providing instruction for “pregnant mamas.” Your classes give me just what I need to support my body, my mind, and my heart. I almost always start to cry when you remind me to connect with my baby at the end of the practice! Thank you!

I have taken lots!! of yoga classes and know they are not equal. I was skeptical about the online classes since I love to practice in room filled with other people, but your classes are wonderful. Your guidance is clear and compassionate, I feel safe with your instruction and always learn something new about how my body is changing and adapting to being pregnant (even when I take the same class!). Thank you for your instruction and dedication to the practice.


First time mom, expecting a baby boy on February 10, 2014

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