Inversions – Best Classes to Reverse the Blood Flow

One of our yogi’s recently contacted us because she, like many others suffers from a chronic pain condition in her pelvis. She realized the benefits of inversions and reversing the blood flow and wanted to get some more recommendations from us on which classes to take. After we wrote her back a long list of “must try” online yoga classes we realized that there are probably many more people out there that would benefit from the curated experience we provided.


If you are someone that wants to focus on inversions, and their healing effects, please read our response below:

First of all I’m thrilled that you are able to practice yoga 3x a week by using MyYogaWorks, and that it helps reduce your pain! Yoga is such a healing practice, it constantly amazes me.

You mentioned inversions in your email as poses that are particularly helpful for you.  I searched under the “target area”, “inversions” and we have 27 videos that have that label.  I don’t know which inversions are the most helpful for you but I would imagine those that you can stay in longer than a few seconds would be best for reversing blood flow. The classes I’ve listed below focus on headstand and shoulderstand though we have many more that focus on handstand and forearm stand if those interest you.  If you are newer to yoga, please approach these carefully, making sure to follow the instructions exactly and slowly increase your holds.  I would even recommend watching the video first if you aren’t very experienced with these inversions.

You might want to try:

Sahasra Chakra Flow (that’s a strong flow that includes headstand)

Meet Headstand

I think you’d also have great results from Vipariti Karani, legs up the wall so you could try:

AM Stress Relief

We hope this is helpful! If anyone has any other ailments or issues and you want specific recomendations, please let us know in the comment section and we will write up a curated list of classes from the MyYogaWorks library.

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