Let’s Grow Yoga

Untitled copyI teach yoga every day. Yep. That’s right, every single day. I don’t have a day off. That’s because I love what I do and am more than happy to make yoga a big part of my life’s purpose. I will admit though, it is difficult to stay inspired day in and day out. Sometimes the greater good of what I’m doing gets drowned out in its repetitive nature. Even though I firmly believe that sharing yoga with people is making the world a better place, I’m guilty of losing perspective from time to time.

Recently I led a challenge with some fellow yoga teachers on social media to help grow yoga. The idea was to ask participants to share yoga with people they knew that had never practiced before. For some of us, finding people who don’t do yoga was quite a task – all of my friends and family have at least tried it before. But living in a city as diverse as Los Angeles, there are opportunities abound. When I left my social circle and began asking different people in the city if I could teach them yoga, things began to unfold beautifully. I met so many people from different walks of life that had never tried yoga before but were eager to learn. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I was reminded of why this discipline is something that I’ve devoted my life to. In giving of myself to others, I was given a newfound inspiration for what I do.

Yoga has the ability to heal people. Not only physically, but on deeper levels of the mind and the heart. I challenge all of you that have been touched by this practice to reach out and share it with someone new. Bring them to a beginner class. Gift them a few months subscription to MyYogaWorks. There are still millions of people out there that need yoga. You have the power to help. Lets Grow Yoga!


Check out Vytas’ online yoga classes on MyYogaWorks or take his live class at YogaWorks Main Street in Santa Monica, California.


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