New & Improved YogaWorks Mobile App

We are excited to announce an updated version of the YogaWorks mobile app for iPhone and Android! We cleaned up the design, added a few new features, integrated social media functions, fixed a few bugs, and have even more in store for the next update. We know that many of our members use the app all the time to plan their class schedules, and change can be a bit of a shock to even the most flexible yogi. That said, we wanted to highlight what’s different, make sure you know where to find your most used features, and point out a few of the new features as well.

New Home Page and Menu

When you first open the app, you’ll find a more “finger friendly” home page that contains all of the main functions of the app.  You’ll also notice a menu icon on the top left corner of every screen, which will help you navigate the app with ease.


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Setting Your Home Studio

One of the first things you’ll be asked to do is to set your home studio. You’ll do this by tapping the “Find a Studio” button and selecting your home studio from the list. When you land on this screen, you’re required to select a studio so that your schedule and other information can default to a specific location. Don’t worry – you can create a schedule that has multiple studios, or even just your favorite teachers and classes.


Seeing the Schedule for Your Studio

Once you select a home studio, the schedule (which is updated in real time) will be available to you. The view is by date, instructor and activity – exactly as it was in the previous version of the app. The only change is that instead of these choices being tabs that you tap and slide, you can now just swipe horizontally through the options and scroll down. The black dots at the top of the screen designate the amount of screens you can swipe through.  The schedule defaults to 3 swippable screens, but when you set your personal schedule – called “My Schedule” (see below) – you’ll have a 4th option with your personalized class schedule.


You can also add a class directly to your device’s calendar by clicking the calendar icon next to the class, and set reminders for your class as you would for anything else on your schedule.


Setting Your Personal “My Schedule”

The first time you open the app you’ll be prompted to build your own schedule. You can also do this anytime from the Schedule screen by tapping the star icon on the top right, which will open up the “Build Your Schedule” section. From here, you can select the studios you visit, the teachers you love, and your favorite class types to build your very own personalized schedule. The home screen will now display the next class in your schedule, but you can also swipe to the right to go between “My Schedule”, and the standard schedule for your home studio where you will see all classes by date/time, instructor and class type.


You can use the feedback form that is accessed from the home screen at anytime to let us know what you think, questions you have, and requests for new features. We’re already in the process of designing the next updated version with even more new features and functionality!

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