10 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Can Make You a Better Mom

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Now that your kids are back to school, wouldn’t it be nice for you to get back in the classroom as well? Here are ten ways that enrolling in a YogaWorks teacher training can make you a better mom:

  1. Time for Yourself. Pursue your own interest, follow your own path, listen to and fulfill your own needs. As they say on airplanes, “Put your own mask on first” – take care of your children and family by taking care of yourself. By spending quality time with yourself, you can refill the well and replenish the resources of your soul. A happier, cooler, less stressed you is the best mom you can be.

  1. Strengthen Skills of Patience, Practice and Non-Attachment. Deepen your understanding of these essential tools for both yoga and parenting. The greater your practice of patience, and the more often you can remind yourself that the journey – not the destination – is where the happiness lives, the more expansive your physical yoga practice will be, and the more available you become to enjoying your children as they are right now.

  1. Build a Community Beyond Motherhood. Connect with peers in an utterly unique, intimate and supportive way, and grow your experience of yourself beyond the role of mom. The YogaWorks teacher training is a natural and easy way to bond with people outside of parenting circles, and to make connections based on similar values and ideals.

  1. Prepare for a Career That Compliments Parenting. The schedule, flexibility, and ability to work for yourself are the dream elements to a successful career that still allows for the responsibilities of raising children. By planting the seeds now, your career can grow as your children do.

  1. Develop A Self Practice & Inspire Children to Find Their Own Inner Guide. Though it’s always helpful to be under the supervision of a teacher, parent, or expert, what we come to remember is that we are each our own greatest source of knowledge, power and comfort. The earlier we understand this, the better our lives will be. By finding your own yoga and meditation practice, you become a clear light for your children to connect to their own highest Self.

  1. Clear Communications. One of the primary focuses of this advanced training is to hone teachers’ skills at communicating effectively. As we refine the yoga practice, we learn to isolate parts of the body with real specificity. This acute physical understanding translates to precise language. The more clearly we can communicate with our children honestly and with integrity, the more we can help the world to change and grow with beauty.

  1. Share the Joy of Learning by Leading. YogaWorks Teacher Training is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how fabulous it is to learn, and how exciting it is to be a student. Celebrate your own growth through further education and enrich your child’s experience in school simultaneously. The pride you share together is worth the price of admission alone!

  1. Gain Greater Awareness of the Human Psyche. And through this understanding, become a more in tune, in touch and sensitive parent. Support your child’s development based on ancient teachings that have helped people find happiness for thousands of years.

  1. Rely on A Mentor. Since parenting is the ultimate demonstration of “figure-it-out-yourself,” it’s a wonderful shift to find the encouragement, challenge and guidance of a seasoned professional to help you navigate through this mysterious and wonderful ocean we call life.  The mentorship program not only offers an anchor in the yoga world but also a leader to help you develop even more so into the person you want to become.

  2. Gather More Tools to Teach Your Kids. There is nothing better than a good warrior sequence to get the “ya-yas” out of energetic kids. And nothing is more powerful than teaching your children how to sit, breath and listen.  The more we practice, the more we have to share with our families.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a YogaWorks teacher training, visit our site and connect with a Program Advisor!

And if you’re a busy mom trying to find a way to fit more yoga into you life, check out our nap time yoga for moms journey on MyYogaWorks.com.


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