Yoga Is Now! Take the YogaWorks Challenge

We are so excited to announce our new “Yoga Is Now” challenge that starts today and runs through November 15!

“Yoga Is Now” is a translation of the first sutra (a rule or thought) from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written in 400 C.E. The Yoga Sutras comprise the foundational text of Ashtanga Yoga, and are part of our teacher training curriculum at YogaWorks and studied by many modern-day yogis.

“Yoga Is Now” can be interpreted in a variety of ways, which is part of what we love about it! Traditionally, it speaks to how practicing yoga helps you clear your mind, and allows you to focus in the moment instead of living in the future or the past. We experience the “now” through being mindful of our breath and alignment while we practice. But now that you know the background, we want to know what it means to you!

We are inviting you to share your practice, and why Yoga Is Now, by challenging your friends and family to try yoga. To help you get started, you can share a free week of yoga with your friends, plus receive some great rewards for yourself. Click here to start challenging your friends!


Plus, don’t forget to hashtag your posts with #yogaisnow to show us your interpretation of “Yoga Is Now”! Follow @yogaworks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for ideas!





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