Yoga is in Every Moment

Yoga can happen anywhere and anytime we feel completely present and connected to something greater then ourselves – whether you call it God, Spirit, or our higher selves. It’s so much more then just the shapes we put our bodies into on the mat!

Yoga is the cool Fall breeze that kisses my cheeks, the smell of a fresh NY street pretzel, the feeling of my arms stretching up to salute the not yet risen sun, and that first morning cuddle with my little boy. Yoga is moving out of the congestion of the mind with all its distracting thoughts and constant chatter, and being fully present to life happening. It’s tasting the sweetness along with the Saturday morning AcroYogabitterness and realizing that life is precious, fleeting, always changing and far too short not to be happy. Our thoughts, feelings, and attitude generate energy and that energy creates the life we live, and what we bring into that life. When we see and feel that we are part of one big, beautiful tapestry, and that our part and presence here on this earth matters – that is yoga. Showing up for yourself 100% and letting your light shine outwards into all that you do and to all you come in contact with – that is yoga.

At every moment we have the opportunity to wake up, live authentically, and embrace this gift of life with courage, faith and perhaps most importantly gratitude… gratitude for this moment and for this breath right NOW.

pic for BioSissy St. John has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1998 on both the West and the East Coast. She trained in LA with the original founders of YogaWorks; Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller, and studied extensively with Annie Carpenter, Sean Corn, Vinnie Marino. In 2006 Sissy moved from LA to New York to study under the guidance and tutelage of Yogiraj Alan Finger, creator and founder of ISHTA Yoga. She now resides permanently in Manhattan with her husband and little boy, and teaches around the city – private clientele, corporates, and at YogaWorks on the Eastside. Aside from yoga her great passions include baking, writing and creating her scentsational aromatherapy blends!

Her popular Prenatal DVD as well as her Organic Beauty Oils are both available on her website : and SissyStJohn. Follow her on twitter @yogasissy


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