5 Easy Yet Powerful New Years Resolutions


It’s the time of year when we reevaluate ourselves, our lives, and map out our foreseeable future with fresh goals and aspirations. January is an auspicious time to align our minds, hearts and actions with our deepest desires, and release old ways of thinking and doing that no longer serve us.

Here are my top 5 easy yet powerful new years resolutions to help get you started:

  1. Practice Gratitude. Every morning when you get up and put your feet on the ground, say “thank you.” Remember that everyday is a new opportunity to be the best you.
  2. Think Positive. Remind yourself regularly that your thoughts form your reality and shape your future. Eliminating negative self-talk is an important step in improving your confidence and moving forward on your path.
  3. Breathe. Adopt BREATHE as your daily mantra. You always have time to do it! Setting an intention or mantra to bring yourself back to throughout the day will help keep you focused and calm.
  4. This too shall pass. When crisis or despair inevitably strike, do your best to remember that “this too shall pass.” The challenges and obstacles we face in life are our greatest teachers and facilitate profound growth.
  5. Eat (or drink) your greens. If you don’t like eating your greens, try drinking them instead! With so many new juice places popping up and numerous recipes available, there’s no excuse not get your essential greens. When you nourish yourself from the inside out, you’ll improve your energy and mental aptitude.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!!!


pic for BioSissy St. John has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1998 on both the West and the East Coast. She trained in LA with the original founders of YogaWorks; Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller, and studied extensively with Annie Carpenter, Sean Corn, Vinnie Marino. In 2006 Sissy moved from LA to New York to study under the guidance and tutelage of Yogiraj Alan Finger, creator and founder of ISHTA Yoga. She now resides permanently in Manhattan with her husband and little boy, and teaches around the city – private clientele, corporates, and at YogaWorks on the Eastside. Aside from yoga her great passions include baking, writing and creating her scentsational aromatherapy blends!

Her popular Prenatal DVD as well as her Organic Beauty Oils are both available on her website: www.sissystjohn.com and Etsy.com/ SissyStJohn. Follow her on twitter @yogasissy


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