Yoga Works Because it’s the Sum Total

_MG_9553_SMALLYoga works because the mind and the body are not two separate things, but one entity beyond thinking, beyond form. Yoga Works because we forget this. We become trapped in seeing ourselves as minds on top of bodies that propel us from Point A to Point B. Yoga makes us remember what we have always known — that the body is in charge as much as the mind, and that the two parts together transcend time and space. Yoga works because it reunites us within. It draws us closer to the sacred self within us that is constant, never-changing, peaceful and sustaining. Yoga Works because it teaches us how to find strength and nourishment from this place of constancy. It works because it teaches us to honor ourselves, to see beyond the thoughts that occupy our mind, and to accept the suffering that comes with the short comings of a physical body in a material world. It works because it’s a practice and not a perfection. It works because it meets every individual where they are. Yoga works because it’s a tool for living a happy life, filled with awareness and outfitted with ways to help us moment-to-moment in this crazy thing called life. Yoga works because it’s yours.


_MG_9910_SMALLCarrie Nutt is originally from the Pacfic Northwest, but spent the last decade in the Big Apple. She did her 500-hour teacher training in NYC with Jenny Aurthur and Chrissy Carter at Yogaworks! Carrie is a teacher by nature. She loves to bring inspiration, creativity, knowledge and challenge to her teaching. Carrie is also a professional writer and a massage therapist. She is so grateful to her teachers — and by that she means her students, too! No one body or mind is the same. We are all snowflakes, every one. 

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