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teacher training because

As a YogaWorks teacher trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to lead trainings all over the world. I can say from experience that no matter where you do your teacher training, it will be a transformative experience. Here’s why:

  1. Find your path. The YogaWorks teacher training gives you the tools to find your path in life. Sure, you’ll learn where to place your knee and how to rotate your pelvis correctly, but you’ll also learn about yourself. If you’re open and willing, you’ll see a whole new side of you, or perhaps uncover who you’ve always been. Either way, the clouds will part and a clear sky will open. unnamed-17
  2. Learn to teach. No body is like another. In the YogaWorks teacher training, you’ll learn how to make the practice accessible to everyone. You’ll learn how to teach both beginners and seasoned practitioners, stiff and bendy bodies, and how to address physical limitations and injuries. YW_TTP_6_3_1421046
  3. Anatomy, alignment & sequencing. Anatomy, alignment and sequencing go hand in hand – each is connected to the other. We teach the anatomy of the skeletal and muscular body, as well as the subtle body and nervous system. Then, with an understanding of the body mechanics in each pose, you’ll learn how to create your own well-rounded, clear and intelligent sequences. YW_TTP_6_3_1421039
  4. Go beyond the body. One of my favorite parts of teacher training is the time we dedicate to reading the yoga sutras and dialoging about Yoga as a whole. Through these conversations and readings, students truly learn about themselves, and begin to make adjustments in their own lives that are in alignment with their goals and passions. They discover a deeper meaning to the practice that is unique and individual to them.Yogaworks2-1592-Custom-Name
  5. Community. During the training, you will transform and evolve in ways you had not expected – and you will not be alone. You’ll be practicing and studying with a group of like-minded souls who quickly become your yoga family. You will also become a part of the larger YogaWorks community, which is a remarkable group of teachers and students. The quality of our teachers has always been a priority, and it shows in the caliber of classes, trainings and workshops offered here. We have a history of dedicated master teachers with a true commitment to high standards. It’s incredibly special to be a part of it!unnamed-21

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unnamedAnne Van Valkenburg teaches alignment-based Vinyasa with thematic sequences that tell a story and challenge students to slow down. Anne is passionate about teaching the nuts and bolts of the physical practice, while adding the main threads and messages behind the meaning of yoga. Her classes inspire students to look beyond the physical and to use the whole practice of yoga as a means to deepen the connection with one’s true self. Anne’s style is grounding, inspiring and playful, and her classes hold a spirit of community. You can learn more about Anne here,, or follow me on Facebook at Anne Van Yoga or on Instagram @annevanyoga

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