Prenatal Yoga Works Because…

Yoga is an excellent way to prepare the mind, body and spirit for the many transitions of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the first recommendations from her obstetrician, or midwife, may be to start practicing yoga.

Here’s how prenatal yoga supports expecting mamas:

  • Physically: Prenatal yoga strengthens the pelvic muscles, relieves tension and pain (low back pain is common), improves circulation and balance, and aids digestion. In my classes, we focus on the 3 “S”s: Stability, Strength and Stretching to support mama and baby. Prenatal
  • Mentally: One of my favorite quotes from B.K.S. Iyengar​ is a pillar of my prenatal classes, “The mind controls the body, but the breath controls the mind”. Mamas learn meditations, visualizations, and Pranayama (breath work) to quiet the mind, calm anxiety, and encourage relaxation. IMG_7137
  • Emotionally: Prenatal yoga creates a peaceful environment to nurture self-care and bond with one’s baby. I add affirmations to the practice to honor mama’s changing body, let go of fear, and increase confidence for parenting. Prenatal yoga classes are also a great way to connect mamas and build community.IMG_7087

Feel free to attend my prenatal classes at YogaWorks Tarzana, or explore my Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Trainings in partnership with YogaWorks. Check out our upcoming schedule for more information at


CC HeadshotChrissy Canning, E-RYT 500, RPYT, is known for her joyful, caring, detailed classes with nurturing themes to inspire. Chrissy began teaching 17 years ago and continues to share her love of wellness through yoga, meditation, corrective exercise, workshops, and trainings. Her integrity, compassion, and wisdom shine through her classes and trainings all over the world. For more information on Chrissy, check out, or follow her on Facebook.


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