Yoga for Runners

runnersRunning is an amazing cardio workout, but it can also be hard on your joints and create tight muscles in your legs, shoulders, and hips. Yoga not only helps counter these negative side-effects, but it can also help improve your performance. It’s the perfect companion to your running routine!

Here are 6 ways yoga is great for runners:

  1. Gain flexibility. An increased range of motion can help you generate more force and run faster. You’ll also be better able to react to a fall or other potentially injurious events. Try our Post-Cardio Stretch online yoga class.
  2. Build strength. Yoga can build strength in your core, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors, which are areas of the body that can improve your form and help you run more efficiently. Try our Runner’s Core & Lower Body or Runner’s Legs online yoga classes.
  3. Relieve tension & pain. Tight muscles in the legs, hips & shoulders can cause pain in other areas of the body such as the lower back and neck. Yoga can help open tight areas and relieve associated pain. Try our Runner’s Stretch & Unwind online yoga class.
  4. Connect to your breath. Yoga teaches you to pay attention to your breath and connect it to your movement. Pranayama, or yoga breathing techniques, can also help improve lung function and decrease stress. Try our Pranayama or Stillness Through Movement online yoga classes.
  5. Be Present. Yoga and meditation teach you to connect to the present moment no matter how hard you’re working or how uncomfortable you are – an invaluable skill when you’re on a tough run! Try this Meditation for Athletes.
  6. Recover. Give your body and mind a chance to relax and recover with restorative yoga.

Check out our Yoga for Runner’s Journey Series, a specially curated list of videos designed with runners in mind.


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 Joanna Berman is a holistic health counselor, writer, recipe developer, 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and the Content & Communications Manager at YogaWorks and MyYogaWorks. She believes in finding balance, figuring out what makes you feel your best, and most importantly enjoying the process. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram at @peppermysalt for all things food and yoga, including in-post recipes! 


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