Top 5 Things to Do in Costa Rica During Yoga Teacher Training

costa ricaCosta Rica is the perfect place to reset your inner barometer and align to your life’s purpose as you immerse yourself in a yoga teacher training experience. There is so much to take in and experience from the clean air and living, to the “Pura Vida” attitude, to all of the adventure you can handle.

Here are 5 activities to do in Costa Rica during a yoga teacher training.

1. Save the Sea Turtles.

The Sea Turtles head to the ocean in Costa Rica

We are putting this one on the top of our list because Seva (community service) is one of the the most powerful practices you can do during yoga teacher training. Costa Rica is so blessed to have four species of turtles, including Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill and the Pacific Green. The turtles are known to lay their eggs along the sandy coastal shores, but all are endangered.

The three ways you can help to save the sea turtles are:

  1. Morning patrol – Look for and relocate eggs that have been laid the night before.
  2. Night patrol – Guard the turtles from poachers as they come up to lay their eggs during the night.
  3. Baby turtle release – When the turtles hatch in the hatchery, return them to the place they were laid, and release them into the ocean. This experience is truly amazing, like giving birth to 60 turtles!

2. Go Waterfall Rappelling

RappellingWaterFall copyNeed some adventure and ready to cultivate more virya (indomitable will)? Consider waterfall rappelling. There is no faster way to get over your fears than scaling down a waterfall. With the abundance of water and jungle in Costa Rica, we are surrounded by spectacular waterfalls and rappelling opportunities.

Waterfall rappelling is not only one of the most thrilling activities you can do, it is also one of the safest. While you are harnessed and connected to two lines, you will climb perpendicularly down a waterfall that is up to 120-feet in height. You’ll get plenty of adrenaline, not to mention stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Watch the experience on Youtube:

3. Experience A Chocolate Farm


We should never forget as yogis how important it is to practice Bhoga (enjoyment)! One of the best ways to practice enjoyment during a yoga teacher training immersion is to take a tour of the Finca Kobo (Chocolate Farm). You’ll learn all about the history of cacao and the chocolate making process. The tour ends with the most enjoyable organic farm-to-table chocolate you’ve ever experienced.

Leaning never tasted so good!

4. Animal Sanctuary Tourmonkey-costa-rcia-spiderWhat better way to practice the yogic teaching of Sundrum (the practice of surrendering to the abundance of life and nature) that to go to the Animal Sanctuary tour. You will have the opportunity to interact with so much wildlife and see animals that you have only ever read about. As you take a boat ride to the sanctuary, you will get to see so many frolocking dolphins a long the way. (Visit during August and September and you’re likely to see humpback whales, too!)

Read more about the experience of going to the animal sanctuary here.

5. Surfing

Surfing in Costa Rica

For a yogi, there is no better way to practice “Stirha” (steadiness) and “Sukha”(ease) than by jumping on a board. For many yogis, surfing is the ultimate yoga. Only when one is completely aligned can one begin to master the art of surfing. It’s also a practice in balance and fluidity.

You will find fantastic surfing teachers in Costa Rica, and there is one commonality they all have – a deep, unbridled passion for life. This passion is infectious as they teach you how to surf, whether you catch any waves or just bellyflop into the sea.

One of the great things about learning how to surf in Costa Rica is that these masters promise (and usually give) a 99% get-up. That means they promise that you will stand up on your board at least once during the lesson. Then you have arrived at a state of Samadhi all Costa Ricans lovingly refer to as “Pura Vida!”

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Pura Vida Yogis!


AaronYogi Aaron brings passion and adventure to his teaching. Inspired, he guides students to secret and far-flung locales, empowers them to realize their own limitless potential, and makes yoga relevant and accessible for the modern world. Since 2002 he has been traveling and leading retreats worldwide and currently serves as the yoga director at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa in Costa Rica. Follow Yogi Aaron on Facebook.

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