5 Ways Yogis can go Green

earth day 3There’s no doubt that when we hit the mat we’re doing something good for ourselves, but what about Mother Earth? When it comes to your practice, are you doing everything you can to protect the environment?

Here are 5 ways yogis can go green:

  1. Eco-friendly yoga mats. Did you know that many yoga mats are made of PVC, an incredibly toxic and ecologically harmful material? Not only can these mats not be recycled and thus end up sitting in a landfill for decades, they may also contain phthalates, a chemical that can seriously disrupt your endocrine system. To protect your own health as well as the health of the planet, be sure your next mat is non-toxic and eco-friendly. MandukaJade both offer great options, plus Jade plants a tree for every mat sold!
  2. Eco-friendly yoga clothes. Unfortunately the production and distribution of your super cute yoga pants could be doing some serious harm to the environment. The good news is there are companies making clothing that is not only eco-friendly, but incredibly chic. For example, Teeki makes their products from sustainable and recycled goods, and Harvest uses mostly organic and sustainable fabrics. Check out our Eco-Friendly Yoga Essentials post for more.
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We all know that plastic water bottles are an environmental no-no – they can take hundreds of years to decompose, and release toxins into the environment in the process. Reduce the number of plastic water bottles you go through by buying a reusable water bottle, and if you happen to forget your awesome BPA free Hydro Flask and have to buy bottled water instead, please recycle. Same goes for your post-yoga green juice bottles!
  4. Consider your commute. If you live close enough to a studio, consider walking, riding your bike, or carpooling to class. Every time you choose not to use your car, you can help reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, it’ll save you money on gas.
  5. Practice outdoors. Reconnect with nature and remind yourself what you’re protecting by taking your practice outside. If you need a little guidance, myyogaworks.com makes it possible to practice anytime, anywhere with 700+ online yoga classes.

Happy Earth Day!


Joanna McCracken photo by fluid frame

 Joanna Berman is a holistic health counselor, writer, recipe developer, 500-hour certified yoga teacher, and the Content & Communications Manager at YogaWorks and MyYogaWorks. She believes in finding balance, figuring out what makes you feel your best, and most importantly enjoying the process. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram at @peppermysalt for all things food and yoga, including in-post recipes! peppermysalt.com




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