Confessions of an Online Yoga Convert

online yoga convertOk, confession number one: I manage an online yoga class site. So I admit, I’m a little biased. But believe me when I tell you I used to be a doubter! For most of my 25-year history with yoga, I loved going to the studio to practice. I reveled in my 90-minute classes and my life as a yoga teacher allowed for it. But then two big things happened: I took a job on the business side of the yoga world, an actual 9 to 5 sit at a desk kind of job, and then I had a baby.

This combination rocked my world, suddenly flossing before brushing was a time consuming luxury, and my yoga practice began to look like yet another fond memento of my waning youth. But I knew this couldn’t be my fate! My yoga practice could not become some kind of passing phase in my life – it was intrinsic to my wellbeing! It had sustained me through untold crises and given me a direct line to myself when I needed it the most. This was especially important now with all the complications and stresses of being a working mom.

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That’s when I decided to give online yoga a try. Though I’d had a strong home practice before life became impossibly hectic, now I really needed the structure provided by a class. Unfortunately the 3-hour structure of a studio class (90 minutes of yoga + driving and parking) was simply not on my new road map. So when I discovered that I could have a world-class teacher lead me through a 20-minute practice whenever I could squeeze it in from the comfort of my living room, it was truly life changing!

10 years into my yoga biz job and 4 years into motherhood, I manage to get to the studio about once a week – occasionally twice. But thanks to online yoga, I’m able to regularly add 3 additional classes from home and guess what? I have my yoga practice back. Yes, some of my online practices are on the shorter side (10-30 minutes), but I’ve proven to myself what I always told my students: It’s all about being consistent and feeling the Yoga Love.

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Are you a doubter too? I challenge you to try online yoga on MyYogaWorks (the site I manage) and find out how great it can be. Just use the promo code  MYOFFER1 when you sign up and you’ll have 6 weeks to join me on the bandwagon before your monthly subscription kicks in. And I predict by that time, you won’t be able to live without it.


headshot looking down colorJulie Kleinman Wood began practicing yoga 25 years ago at the Jivamukti yoga center in New York, and has been part of the YogaWorks family for the last 20 years in several capacities including student, teacher trainee, greeter, teacher trainer, cultural ambassador, and manager. On the teaching front, Julie has taught all levels of students from brand new beginners to aspiring teachers. She expanded her role to the business side of YogaWorks in 2005 by helping to integrate YogaWorks New York studio acquisitions, and then by joining the Teacher Training Department where she oversaw YogaWorks renowned Teacher Training Program. She is now the General Manager of MyYogaWorks, which offers hundreds of YogaWorks classes online. Julie is a wife and busy mom to a 4-year old and step-mom to a 14-year old. Previously, in her free time she loved to write songs, play bass guitar and surf.  Now she has no free time.


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