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australian adventureIn March 2002 I set out on an epic journey. Even with hundreds of great teacher trainings to choose from in the States, I longed for an adventure. I needed to leave behind what I knew in order to become who I wanted to be. I found an amazing yoga teacher training program in Byron Bay, Australia, a haven for hippies, backpackers and healers at the Easternmost Point of Australian Mainland, and I knew I had to go.

After only two years of yoga practice I would immerse myself in a rigorous daily training for body, mind and soul. I didn’t know anyone in Australia. I had never been that far from home and I would be there for almost a year! What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking I was following my heart.

From the first moment I looked out of the shuttle bus on my way from the airport to Byron I fell in love. The lush, tropical landscape absorbed me. I felt like I had entered a fairy tale. My days were full of pranayama, meditation and yoga. My evenings and weekends included walks to the lighthouse, delicious fresh cuisine, concerts and the markets- a farmer’s market and flea market in one- a true Australian experience.

During our time off I traveled to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and to a tiny farming town where I learned to race dirt bikes alongside wild kangaroos. Each place has a unique character and charm. The Aussies in general are funny, friendly folks who love to “take the piss” (poke fun at one another). They decided that my name, Elizabeth was a bit uptight, so they called me Lizzie Lou. If someone asks you to “pop up to the top pub on Sat’day avo for a cheeky champers,” you can expect to be meeting for a glass of champagne at the local pub on Saturday afternoon. Decoding the lingo was a favorite pastime of mine.

Standing Split ColorAfter returning to the States I began teaching yoga right away and soon moved to New York. A few years later I met a tall, handsome man with an accent that made me miss my days of teacher training. Two years later we married in Central Park and now we visit Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney almost every year to spend time with his family and soak up the sun. This year will be a new and exciting adventure as I am teaching the Yoga Works 200-Hour Teacher Training in Brisbane at Raw Power Yoga.

13 years ago I worshiped my teacher trainers and dreamed that someday I would be able to do what they did. All my dreams have come true. I have been teaching yoga for 13 years and teacher training for 9 years, but this is the first time I will be teaching just a few hours drive from where it all began.

I invite you to join me on an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery in one of the most amazing places on the planet. This YogaWorks teacher training is being hosted by Raw Power Yoga, a gorgeous and popular studio in Brisbane. To quench your wanderlust, you will have a three-week break in the middle of the training to integrate the teachings and venture around this magical land.

On the first day of my training our teacher said, “This will change you. You will not be the same person when you leave here that you are right now. You will be a stronger, more flexible, more open-hearted, spiritually aware version of you.” He was right. Come join me and become an even more amazing version of yourself. Click here to apply.

What to do while you’re in Brisbane:


  1. City Botanic Gardens is the cities oldest park, and includes ancient trees, rainforest glades and exotic species.
  2. Aboriginal Art Trail shows how indigenous people mapped the land and passed on information through etching and painting with nature’s materials.
  3. The Great Barrier Reef extends from just a few hours north of Brisbane all the way up the East Coast to Papua New Guinea, scuba diving, glass bottom boat tours and snorkeling.
  4. Byron Bay is a short bus ride away and a gorgeous place to relax in the sun, walk on the beach, surf or kayak with the whales.


  1. Asana by Pete Evans cooks up fresh, nutritious paleo cuisine. Eat-in or take to the park for a picnic!
  2. baby jak is a a quaint little cafe serving delectable sweet treats such as lemon meringue tarts and muffins, flavour-packed salads and healthy flatbreads. 


  1. Biome sells green gifts, food and home wares.
  2. Abi & Joseph inspires you to live a more active life with high fashion, high quality active wear for yoga and sport.

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ElizabethNeuseFlint-HeadshotElizabeth Neuse Flint teaches at YogaWorks in Manhattan. As a yogini, life coach, shaman and mother she draws inspiration for her teaching from all aspects of life. For thirteen years her mission has been to help people experience the perfection that is already within them through yoga, meditation and healing. Find out more at




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