Yoga is Inspiration

ScottFin_141115_111044I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain since youth. One day at a bookstore, I noticed a book with a name that sounded interesting enough to reach out for it, and found out that yoga could help with my chronic pain. I was determined to pursue the yogic path; however, it was not until I graduated from college and came to the U.S. that I began practicing yoga.

Besides healing my pain, it was the surge of joy, energy, and optimism that made yoga an integral part of my life. I was recovering from depression and through self-awareness I learned to spot depressive thoughts and avoid more episodes. These struggles are now history.

For me, yoga is a form of self-care just like any other regular check-up. Yoga helps me heal, face my fears and allows me to dance with my breath. My practice consists of sun salutations with standing poses, handstands and forearm balances. I am intrigued by backbends and love arm balances. Breathing deeply and sweating is my form of meditation.

I began to study yoga more in-depth because I wanted to develop a regular practice. I shared how much I love yoga with my friend, an owner of a national business that offers workouts for moms. She told me, “Then you should teach it.” It has been 9 years. I am now one of the senior San Francisco teachers.

It is the process of inquiry and creating meaning that motivates me every day. I do not set limits to my dreams. Achieving feels great, but failing is also a part of the process. I used to have hard time recovering from setbacks, but nowadays I practices self-compassion. I enjoy the ordinary that is life. I am grateful for all the people who helped me in my life. I learned that gratitude and self-love do not make us lazy. They, in fact, speed up our recovery and prepare us for the growth that is to come.

I believe in practicing gratitude, self-compassion, and seeing the positive in others.

To inspire means to breath in. When we do yoga, we deeply breath in. Inspiration is inherent in the practice; yoga is inspiration.


SilvieHibdonProfilePIcSilvie Hibdon is a creator of Yoga Sculpt, a workout program on a mobile app Workout Trainer by Skimble, one of the first fitness apps and only workout app currently integrated with Samsung’s S Health platform. She also serves as an ambassador for InYo Yogawear, yoga clothing designed and made in San Francisco. Silvie’s emphasis on inward focus lead students deeper into their practice. She puts emphasis on utilizing the power of breath with movement and self-awareness. She hopes this will lead students into the natural state that we can all access through yoga. Silvie’s intention is to create space for her students so that they can give themselves permission to feel, to become friends with all the parts of human experience. Her classes are well-sequenced, challenging, and anatomically focused. Silvie brings almost a decade of teaching into her classes. Her philosophy is based on the teachings of Mark Whitwell who studied with Krishnamacharya, the father on modern yoga, and his son Desikachar. She is an Experienced – Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hours through Yoga Tree (teachers include Stephanie Snyder and Jason Crandell). She completed Forrest Yoga Foundation Training, Continuing Education for Teachers, and Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program. She also completed the foundation course of Prana Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea. 

Silvie teaches at Yogaworks on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, and Friday at 4:15pm. 

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