10 Reasons We Love Our Members

MAL_9039August is Member Appreciation month at YogaWorks, and we’re expressing our gratitude with special discounts on retail, the opportunity to bring friends to class for free and upgrades to national memberships so you can practice at any of our 30 studios. Plus don’t miss our special Member Appreciation Open House on Saturday, August 22 at all of our studios! Join us in celebrating YOU and take advantage of special classes, delicious refreshments and more all day long. Contact your studio to find out more about what they’ll have in store for you.

And in case you needed to hear more about how much we love you, we asked our YogaWorks staff to share why they appreciate our members – here are a few of our favorite answers:

  1. “I love to see the transformation of our practicing students coming out of class. Smiling , glowing, better mood. Then they go out in the world spreading those good feelings. I love ’em for helping us make a better world.” – Phil Swain, YogaWorks CEO
  2. “My favorite part of my job is being sitting at the front desk and talking to the people who truly make coming to work so much fun… the members!! Hearing your transformations, seeing your smiles, sharing your stories… there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel truly fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful community!” – Kortney Larson, YogaWorks Walnut Creek 
  3. “Our members are incredibly caring and passionate about living their yoga on and off the mat. Many go out of their way to welcome new students and help them feel comfortable in class. I love working with such an incredible community of mindful, compassionate yogis.” – Dania Gottschalk, YogaWorks Tarzana
  4. “I love our members because they are such a caring group, and I see them really looking out for each other as they form friendships within the studio. We even get postcards from them when they travel, sharing their experiences and letting us know how they miss us. They are constantly expressing their gratitude for what their practice has meant to them… we never know when a box of chocolates might pop up on our desk as a thank you.” – Ken Marshall, YogaWorks Pasadena
  5. “I love our members because they are more than just people who walk into our doors and then leave. They become friends, family, support and guidance for each other. They are happy to be here. You can see them light up when they enter the studio and even glow more after class.” – Kathe Oster, YogaWorks Walnut Creek
  6. “Our members aren’t just customers or nameless yoga students that nobody knows; they are members of a community here. I love getting to know them and seeing their familiar faces and the fact that we’re on a first name basis with each other. I love helping them find teachers that they’ll get along with, and I love seeing and hearing them talk about how their bodies and lives have changed. Now that I work at CFY I miss the regulars from WestWood ~ Clara, Diana, Liz, Miles, Kelsey, Andrea, Jenny, Joe, and so many others: your regular yoga practice is inspiring! You guys make this place a community that I’m proud to be a part of and truly make this workplace fun!” – Kate B, YogaWorks Center for Yoga
  7. “Our members create our community which in turn feels like family at YogaWorks! They are fun to be around and always make me happy to come to work. I am so grateful for their enthusiasm and dedication to the practice. They inspire me!” – Lidia, YogaWorks San Francisco
  8. “We have so many regular members who show us so much gratitude. So many of them say thank you every day, take the time to smile and get to know us and even bring us treats! They help us to remember that what we do here really does make a difference.” – Jen Singh, YogaWorks Eastside
  9. “The Mill Valley studio is honored to have so many amazing yogis that have continued to practice with us since the studio opened. Their dedication to their practice is inspiring. Their vitality and spirit are evidence of the wellness that yoga brings to their life.” – Charlene Lowe, YogaWorks Mill Valley
  10. “There is nothing better than having an opportunity to change someones life, to watch them week by week, month by month, grow into their practice and literally bloom into a new person.” – Regan Doyle, YogaWorks New York Regional Manager

Thank you for practicing with us!

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