5 Reasons to Study Abroad with YogaWorks

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As a YogaWorks trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to lead teacher trainings in places all over the world, such as Oslo, Norway. I can say from experience that no matter where you do your teacher training it will be a transformative experience, but going abroad comes with it’s own special and unique set of benefits.


  1. Have an adventure! Much like exploring new depths of yoga, living and studying abroad is exciting. You’ll get to experiencedifferent cultures, traditions, food, music, languages, terrain, and a new community of friends.
  2. Reconnect to your soul. Our day-to-day lives can make it easy to forget what we are passionate about. Being abroad for a month and getting out of your routine gives you the space to hear the voice of your heart and intuition. For example, when I led a teacher training in Oslo, Norway this past summer, I found myself in nature… a lot. Hiking, biking, camping, swimming in lakes, and having picnics on the Fiords. I’ve never felt such a sense of quiet and stillness. It was as if the clouds parted and the sky opened up – my mind became sharp with a new sense of clarity about what I really wanted out of life. I returned home feeling energized, recharged and inspired. My friends and students even made comments about how rested, light-hearted and happy I seemed!unnamed-17
  3. Be present. It’s very easy this day and age to get caught up in our busy routines – running errands, driving from here to there, eating the same food, and staring at various screens. When you travel away from home there are less distractions and you’ll be able to be clear-headed and present. I guarantee you’ll find yourself looking away from your phone and out into the world around you. You’ll also gain perspective on the unnecessary things that you’ve been worrying about, and see what’s truly important. unnamed-7
  4. Hear and experience things in a new light. It’s fun to experience yoga and your practice outside of your hometown. Being away from your regular classes may allow you to hear something new. Or, maybe you’ve heard something a million times, but it wasn’t until you were in an entirely different space that you could actually apply it. Changing your environment opens up your eyes and ears, and you’ll find yourself cultivating life-long imprints on your practice. unnamed-13
  5. Deepen your relationship to yourself, yoga and the world around you. By stepping away from your life back home, you’ll be dedicating your full attention to your yoga practice. Studying abroad allows you the freedom to be fully immersed in yoga and, ultimately, the moment. You will transform and evolve in ways you had not expected – and you will not be alone. You’ll be practicing and studying with a group of like-minded souls who quickly become your yoga family. You will foster amazing friendships with yogis from all parts of the world, and when you return back home you’ll carry with you unforgettable memories and experiences.unnamed-21

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unnamedAnne Van Valkenburg teaches alignment-based Vinyasa with thematic sequences that tell a story and challenge students to slow down. Anne is passionate about teaching the nuts and bolts of the physical practice, while adding the main threads and messages behind the meaning of yoga. Her classes inspire students to look beyond the physical and to use the whole practice of yoga as a means to deepen the connection with one’s true self. Anne’s style is grounding, inspiring and playful, and her classes hold a spirit of community. You can learn more about Anne here, www.AnneVanYoga.com, or follow me on Facebook at Anne Van Yoga or on Instagram @annevanyoga

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