7 Frightfully Simple Yoga-Inspired Halloween Costumes


Let’s face it, your yoga pants are probably a regular staple of your wardrobe both inside and out of the yoga room – so why not use them for a super cute and comfy costume this Halloween? Whether you need a last-minute ensemble for your October festivities, an excuse to buy some new gear, or inspiration for how to use what’s currently in your yoga closet, check out these frightfully simple yoga-inspired Halloween costumes using some of our favorite items from our friends at Beyond Yoga and Onzie.

1. Cobra (or Bhujangasana): Pair your Onzie Cree Leggings and Sports Bra with scaly body paint (or Kitsch Tattoos) and snake eye contacts.


2. Crow (or Bakasana): Pair your Beyond Yoga Shimmer Paneled Leggings and Shimmer Racerback Cami with a beak, feather jewelry and feathery body and face paint (or Kitsch Tattoos) .


Check out Amy’s take on crow for inspiration:


3. La Luna (or Ardha Chandrasana): Pair your Onzie Luna Leggings and Nama Tank Top in Charcoal Moon with silver face paint (or Kitsch Tattoos) and a crescent moon headpiece.


Check out Jill’s take on La Luna for inspiration:


4. La Mer (or Navasana): Pair your Beyond Yoga Lux Legging in Winter Storm and Lux Bra Top and/or Cozy Fleece with a boat around your waist and wavy blue body paint (Beyond Yoga items sold in store only).


5. Chiquita Banana (or Bananasana): Pair your Onzie Rio Leggings and Knot Back Tank Top with a fruit filled hat and black heels.


6. Cat/Cow (or Marjaryasana/Bitilasana): Pair your Beyond Yoga Deco Essential Leggings and Deco Multicross Cami with white spots, cat ears and face paint.

DC4043_Deco Multicross Cami - BlackDC3036_Deco Long Legging

7. Witch (or Utthan Pristhasana): Okay, technically Utthan Pristhasana is lizard pose, but use your imagination and it could look like a witch on a broomstick! Simply pair your Onzie Black Leggings and Scoop Back Top with black heels, a witches hat and broom.


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We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Halloween!

*Beyond Yoga, Onzie & Kitsch Tattoos are sold at YogaWorks, but not all items are available in all studios. Come on by and get creative with us!

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