10 Simple, Everyday Ways to Cleanse from Elissa Goodman

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January is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year in my office, yet by springtime, the motivation to “cleanse” has greatly diminished. We are a culture looking for the next best thing. We want quick fixes and trends, but the answer is committing to healing your body every day.

You wouldn’t cleanse your home once a year or shower once a year, why treat your body any differently?

I decided to reshape the way we cleanse and to share my experience with cleansing as a lifestyle. Cleansing isn’t deprivation, starvation, and rigidly scheduled. With my 10 simple tips you can cleanse every day, anytime and throughout the year.

1. Incorporate probiotics and fermented foods daily. Probiotics boost the healthy bacteria ratio in your digestive tract, help heal your gut and boost your immune system and mood. Fermented foods are probiotic powerhouses. Eating them and taking a probiotic daily (consistency is key!) is one easy way to keep your gut and digestive system balanced. Take a look at some of my favorite probiotic food recommendations here. I also recommend Renew Life minimum 50B, Renew Life 50B Go Packs for traveling, or Dr. Ohhira’s Professional Strength Probiotic.

2. Prioritize restorative sleep. Bedtime by 10pm guarantees that you will get maximum restorative sleep (happens between 10pm-2am), and 8-9 hours per night is a must to allow the body time to cleanse itself and recover. It is during this time your brain organizes and stores information from the day, helping you process stressful events and more efficiently aiding the brain’s detoxification process.

3. Start the day with my detox tonicThis blend of filtered water, lemon, aloe vera, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, coconut kefir and ginger can do wonders for digestion. Aloe vera is rich in nutrients and fiber, lemon is alkaline and detoxifying, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar is full of enzymes and friendly bacteria, and coconut kefir is full of beneficial bacteria and hydrates the body while cleansing the liver and intestines. This combination of ingredients helps to stop sugar cravings, promote healthy digestion, and balance blood sugar.


4. Have a green juice or smoothie daily. To make sure you get the nutrients you need to stay well, have a green juice or smoothie with ingredients like romaine, spinach, lemon, ginger, turmeric, apple, parsley, and cilantro (¼ cup parsley and ½ cup of cilantro detoxifies heavy metals). You can also add flax seeds, chia seeds and/or hemp hearts for protein, fiber and omega 3’s. This will give you everything you need to stay satiated and energized and move toxins out of the body.

5. Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables. Include cruciferous veggies in your daily diet such as, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, spinach, kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. They contain antioxidants that increase the production of detoxifying enzymes in the body, and sulfur compounds that protect the liver and improve its ability to eliminate toxins.

6. Dry brush your skin daily. Your skin is your biggest organ and toxins in your body need a way out. Dry brushing your skin may sound a bit weird but it’s a fantastic way to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage to help rid the body of toxins. Dry brushing also clears dead skin cells and allows your cells to breathe, giving the toxins you’re getting rid of an escape path. Health benefits aside, dry brushing your skin feels great! I recommend spending five minutes in the morning brushing your skin in circular motions.

7. Stay hydrated with water and lemon. I know you know how important drinking water is, but for daily cleansing, it is more than important: it is crucial. When your body cleanses, it pushes toxins into the bloodstream. The more water you drink, the faster the toxins are pushed out. And that’s the point of cleansing, isn’t it? Make sure the water is filtered (you don’t want to use toxins to push out toxins, right?) and drink at minimum half your body weight in ounces each day (for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, commit to drinking 75 ounces daily) and add lemon to your water as often as possible. Lemon will aid in digestion and detoxification.

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8. A daily practice of release (yoga, meditation, a walk in nature). Let’s face it, we live in a hectic world. Much of our day can feel like chaos, and releasing fears and anxieties is practically impossible without some type of daily renewal practice. Nothing is as cleansing for the mind, body, and soul as a daily renewal practice. Yoga and meditation, spending time in nature, a 20-minute walk… these are practices that we need to prioritize. The benefits are immediate – stress is released, positivity is restored through practice and you become in tune with your breath and your body. None of these daily practices have a destination, they are each a part of our journey. There is no competition, no quest for perfection. They are simply practical methods that detox the mind, body and soul by stimulating vitality, increasing our mental capacity and creating a greater awareness of self.

9. Include enough dietary fiber (fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, whole grains). While fiber is not digestible, it is a great way to help your body digest and pass the foods we eat. It clears out the digestive system and takes toxins, cholesterol, waste and extra hormones with it. Fiber also supports a strong immune system, proper colon health, intestinal bacterial balance, a faster metabolism, weight control, diabetes prevention and cardiovascular disease prevention. It also feeds the good probiotic bacteria in your gut. Eating fiber in natural form over taking a supplement is crucial (beans and legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are your best sources). 30-35 grams per day is an achievable and ideal amount of fiber.

10. 12-18 hour fast has its benefits. Intermittent fasting accelerates the cleansing of waste products in your body. The basic principle here is to stay hydrated with water, green juices, or herbal tea while abstaining from food for a 12-18 hour period. It’s not as hard as it sounds. If you eat your evening meal at 7pm, you could complete an 18-hour fast by 1pm the next day – not that difficult if you’re staying hydrated! Fasting accelerates the cleansing of waste products left by dead and damaged cells, a process known as autophagy. A failure of autophagy to keep up with accumulated cellular waste is believed by many scientists to be one of the major causes of the chronic disease. Choosing one day per week to fast, can be beneficial for your blood sugar, metabolism, and counterbalance weight gain.


Elissa_Goodman_ODonnell-322-3-480x480_cElissa Goodman is a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert who believes that proper nourishment, healing by listening to your gut and a daily renewal practice are essential for optimal living. Through a journey of healing herself from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 32, losing her husband, and raising two beautiful daughters, Elissa has found that balance, nutrition and self-love are the best medicine. Elissa’s mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves. Creator of “Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Life” and “S.O.U.P.- Superfoods. Organic. Uniquely Designed. Prepared with Love”, Elissa’s approach to cleansing is gentle and accessible for those looking to renew, recharge, rejuvenate and maintain their healthy lifestyle. She is based in Los Angeles and works privately with professionals and celebrity clients to develop personalized wellness programs that encourage true health from the inside out. Specializing in a unique blend of conventional nutrition paired with holistic, supplement and superfood recommendations that support clients with a range of health goals including those working to reset their metabolism, overcome auto-immune, digestive and inflammatory challenges or heal themselves from disease. Elissa creates a partnership with each of her clients teaching them to become their own health advocates and guiding them tap into their personal instincts. Results of her work are above and beyond learning to nourish yourself properly, lose weight or look good as she teaches you how to heal your gut and how to listen to it, encouraging clients to thrive. Elissa collaborates with health and wellness partners throughout Los Angeles and is the creator of M Café’s macrobiotic RESET Cleanse, signature juice blends at Erewhon Market and L.A. Juice, and multiple recipes soon to be found at Earth Bar and Equinox. She is a Certified Integrative Nutritionist from the American University of Complementary Medicine for Integrative Nutrition and holds a BS in Advertising & Marketing from Arizona State and BS in Business from the University of Arizona. Elissa is currently putting the finishing touches on her first book, “Cancer Hacks” to be released later this year. 

For more information visit www.elissagoodman.com

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