Pilates and Yoga: The Perfect Pair

pilates and yoga

I teach Mat Pilates weekly, and when I see new students studying the eclectic mix of scheduled classes that YogaWorks offers, they almost always ask what they should try: yoga or Pilates. My answer? Take advantage of them BOTH! As you learn different styles, you’ll notice how each one improves your balance, strength, breathing capacity, flexibility and willingness to commit to something physical. Just like a variety of food is recommended for proper nutrition, undergoing balanced full body workouts is ideal for progressing toward your fitness, health and wellness goals.

Personally, I found that practicing both Yoga and Pilates brought me benefits at different times during my journey of going from Miss to Mrs, moving to a new town and switching jobs. Yoga, taught me to decompress mentally and better balance work/life challenges, and Pilates firmed up weak muscles and built up my core strength to develop better posture (a major help for wedding photographs!). Alternating between yoga and Pilates classes on various days along with higher intensity activities whipped me into shape and helped me maintain a positive mindset.

The ability to train my body differently each day is also what moves me to want to teach Pilates and other group fitness formats. Not only does it prevent boredom, but it helps students achieve better performance in sports like skiing, golfing, cycling, tennis, running, swimming, dance and weightlifting. Supplementing an active lifestyle with yoga and Pilates helps untangle tight muscles around the spine and promote better blood flow and circulation deep within the connective tissues to increase the fluidity of graceful movements.

Yoga and Pilates classes allow the body to move in many functional ways. To explore both practices regularly will bring a greater understanding of how we can get the most out of our bodies – whether it’s for restorative care, injury prevention, core conditioning, strength building, cognitive awareness, weight loss, or to improve on athleticism.

Leg Pull BackLori Allen earned a comprehensive classical Pilates certificate from the Pilates Institute of Southern California in Manhattan Beach. While there, she received teacher training instruction from the lineage of The Pilates Center, an esteemed classical Pilates  teacher training center, known as the “Harvard” of Pilates based in Boulder, Co. Lori also received another Mat Pilates teacher training certificate through the Equinox Pilates Institute. Lori attended the Pro Bridge continuing education curriculum for Pilates teaching professionals with Body Arts & Science International in 2015 to further her classical and contemporary Pilates education in an evolving industry. In addition, to teaching Pilates, Lori is a certified group fitness instructor, Schwinn certified indoor cycle instructor, and YogaWorks Barworks instructor. She welcomes the opportunity to help clients receive the best results from an efficient mindful workout, based on the physical practice of the Pilates method, and it’s core principles for achieving optimal wellness. 
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