How to Focus When You Need to

how to focus copySure, when you need to be creative, let your mind roam free and formless on an exploration that is wild and curious. How else do you come up with sparkling ideas and imagine the impossible?

When you have to take action, though, it’s time to rein it in and stop your mind from wandering. Gather all your dancing thoughts and direct them toward one, powerful focus.

In yoga, one very accessible way to get focused is through meditation and mudras. Meditation helps us quiet the mind for clear thinking and sometimes goal setting, while mudras access energies of the heart in our hands, using them to cultivate intentions and direction.

Here is one very important meditation and mudra from my book, Happy-Go-Yoga: Total Brain Power, which sparks your mental energies and brings everything into balance at one focal point, where your wisest self within can connect to the person that needs to get things done in the real world.

  1. Sitting upright and comfortably, join your fingertips and thumbprints while keeping lots of space between your hands.
  2. Touch your thumbs to your forehead, just slightly above the center of your brows.
  3. Close your eyes, and imagine a midnight-blue sky that is clear, except for a few bright stars.
  4. Inhale and exhale, deeply and evenly.

Total Brain Power is based on Hakini mudra. Hakini is the god of the forehead. In the system of the chakras (subtle energies of the body), the forehead represents the sixth chakra, Ajna, the place of clarity, imagination, wisdom, and knowledge.

By putting all your fingers and your thumbs together, you balance all the natural elements (each finger is related to a natural element – thumbs are fire), uniting creative and analytical sides of your brain. You literally create cooperation in your hands, then, send it to your mind, so everything works together and toward a purpose. Those “stars” help you focus when the field of thought is wide. Breathing deeply keeps the oxygen flowing for maximum productivity and concentration.

So, sit down, gather your breath and hands, and practice focusing. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to get clear when you want to be, in a shorter period of time. Over time, you’ll be able to access Total Brain Power when it really counts.

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