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Need a little help moving? Take inspiration from a few of the amazing women in our newest video

It’s often true that the hardest part of any job is getting started. Working out can be daunting as heck — what routine is right for me? What kind of stretches should I be warming up with? Do I really need all of those weights? What should I wear?

And then I’m reminded that movement is really a state of mind. It’s empowering, and it is free, and need not rely on any sort of accoutrements if you don’t want them. All it takes is you…and your drive. And desire. To be a better you.

We recently spoke to three of the incredible women featured in our newest Movement Is Free video…take a few minutes to learn about what inspires them to do their thing. It may just inspire the same fire in you to get started, and keep on moving.

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Dana Hanlon

Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Favorite color?          

Fave ways to move?
Pilates and Barre.

What 3 tips can you impart on those who need a little help moving?
– Don’t work out alone. Sign up for a class and let the energy of the class and instructor help motivate you.
– Schedule your workout for first thing in the morning — if you wait, you procrastinate!
– Find the type of exercise you like. Try different classes until you find the right fit.

Favorite pre-workout meal?
A green smoothie.

Favorite post-workout meal?
Brown rice and veggies!


Jamie Rosquist

Pleasant Grove, UT… today, I live in Venice, CA

Fave color?

How do you move?
I move in ways that make my mind and body feel alive.

What 3 tips can you impart on those who need a little help moving?
– Find something fun so it doesn’t feel like just a workout.
– Stretching is underrated — it is the key to keeping your body feeling strong and healthy. Even ten minutes a day makes all the difference.
– Move amongst nature — it’s good for all six senses. 😉

Fave pre-workout meal?
Pre-workout, I like to eat things that have a lot of energy but don’t weigh me down, like nuts or muesli with fresh fruit.

Fave post-workout meal?
After a workout, my favorite meal is a big green salad with grilled veggies for nutrients and vitamins, some sort of protein (preferably fish) for replenishment, and sweet potatoes to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Djuna Bel

Santa Cruz, CA

Fave color?
Today? Pickle green.

How do you move?
I put on some music and I just can’t help myself.
I also hike and make myself available for any friends who want to take various torturous exercise classes.

What 3 tips can you impart on those who need a little help moving?
– Music is key. (see cool mix below)
– Find a motivation buddy.
– Dress up. Sometimes moving is more fun when you really like your outfit.

Fave pre- workout meal?
I love a morning work out so I don’t have time to back out.
Pre-move I like to make an english breakfast tea with honey, almond milk and Sun Potion’s Anandamide.
It’s basically feel-good/taste-good herbs.

Fave post-workout meal?
I make a mean strawberry coconut smoothie with Udo’s oil and rosewater, but sometimes I need something more substantial post-workout. I love an avocado sandwich or kale salad with tahini dressing.
My post-Sunday hike reward is always Kitchen Mouse (in Highland Park, LA)… Don’t forget the doughnuts, or you will regret it.


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