Why Counting Calories Can Set Back Weight Loss

Why Counting Calories Can Set Back Weight LossIf you’ve been counting calories, now is the time to stop. There’s a healthier way to lose weight, and it doesn’t require any math at all.

According to a new study, if you want to maintain a healthy weight and live longer, the trick isn’t to count your calories. Instead, focus on eating nutritious food. When you count calories, you aren’t necessarily taking into consideration what you’re eating, only how much of it. So a person counting calories could conceivably drink 300 calories of sugary soda a day because it fits into their calorie count, but the reality is that drinking soda daily is linked to type II diabetes. A person would probably be better off having a handful of nuts, even though they may have more calories.

To make the switch from calorie counting to eating well, concentrate on eating foods you know are good for you, like unprocessed foods and healthy fats. If you’re trying to lose weight, instead of counting calories, watch your portion sizes. Start by adding a few healthy foods a day and habituate yourself to eating those. Experiment, and gradually incorporate more of them into your regular diet.

These foods are easy to add to daily meals, for all the right reasons.

  • Olive Oil — high in antioxidants, and it slows the natural aging process.
  • Salmon — an excellent source of vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids which can boost your immunity and protect your brain.
  • Leafy greens — these are loaded with fiber and vitamins.
  • Whole grains — not only filling, these are packed with protein, fiber and B vitamins.

It’s easier to stick to a diet that’s healthier overall than it is to counting calories because there’s simply not as much work involved. Of course, you should expect to have the occasional slip up or takeout night, but, an indulgence every now and then is perfectly fine. After all, moderation is the key to long-term diet changes. And a healthy diet is a marathon, not a sprint.

There are ways other than diet to improve your health, such as more sleep, regular exercise, drinking more water, and taking little breaks throughout the day. All of these can improve your physical and mental well-being.

Once you put calorie counting to rest, you can focus your energy on exploring the diverse world of healthy foods and habits instead. The good news is being healthy isn’t just a lifestyle. It’s also delicious.

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