How Do You Artfully Take A Vinyasa?

What does vinyasa mean to you?
When I started my yoga practice, I had no idea what it meant. I explored different styles, eventually I ended up loving this expression of yoga. I learned that Vinyasa Krama, means “to place in a special way.” Through linking my breath with my movement,  I was transported to a different state of being. I was doing poses with so much focus and concentration, there was no space to be stuck in the past or projecting into the future. I was in the moment, it was glorious!

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The love affair developed the more I practiced.
There came a time when that’s all I was doing physically and the ability to be in the present only lasted temporarily. Once I stepped off of my mat, my long held fears and self doubt bubbled right back to the surface. I  looked inward, I found that the skillfulness of setting up a pose required my intellect, but what about my emotion, psychology, spirit? What I found is that it’s not so much about the pose but studying my attitudes, reactions, beliefs about my self and others while in this open state of being. That’s when the bigger shifts happened, I discovered what an art form this practice is.


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We all see something different when we look at art.
We are all unique individuals coming from different backgrounds, life experiences, cultures, injuries, and we bring this amalgamation of life onto our mats. Why would we want to force ourselves into a pose that doesn’t fit? It takes refinement as a practitioner to honor these differences so we can commune with our inner teacher and create a practice that supports us on and off the mat. When I learned to let go of control, slow down, take breaks, break resistance, and open up new pathways in my yoga, the rest of my life flowed with more synchronicity.


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Art challenges the status quo, it stirs things up and ignites something deep in our soul.
I invite you for a weekend of deep exploration into your yoga practice. What do you need to shift in the  physical poses to develop structural integrity? We will look at our own unique anatomy so we stop trying to force ourselves into shapes, and shape the pose as a sculptor would with clay. We will dive into the emotional, psychological, and mystical sides of your practice to create a space for creative inquiry. We often have to go beyond what we know and welcome then unknown to release old habits and walk toward the unknown with a fresh perspective. in a world shifting through profound change, let’s work together to shift ourselves artfully so we can adapt, evolve, and thrive.

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Mia Togo is a 200-Hour Teacher Trainer and mentor for the 300-Hour Program at YogaWorks in Santa Monica and you can also find her on MyYogaWorks.  Mia is a life coach and the creator of The Processing Playground. Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterJoin Mia Togo for her upcoming The Art of Vinyasa Flow training July 16 – 17 at YogaWorks Santa Monica.

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