Is Tech Wrecking Your Neck: Take Breaks

tech neck 2Take regular breaks from your screens.

  • Stand up (if you’re not using a sit/stand desk) and stretch.
  • Find your neutral posture and engage the connective tissue throughout your body by rooting down through your feet and reaching up through the crown of your head.
  • Imagine a line of energy drawing the back of your skull toward the wall behind you, as if you were making a double chin. Do this with your gaze straight forward and without letting your chin drop downward.
  • Slowly turn your head to the left and right without tilting your head or jutting your lower frontal ribs forward.
  • Do the scalene and levator scapula stretches outlined above.
  • Breathe consciously and deeply, filling your torso three-dimensionally all the way down to your tailbone. Keep your shoulders and base of your neck soft while you breathe.
  • Reach your arms behind your back to stretch the top of the chest.
  • Fold forward with bent knees for a few breaths. To rise up, take your hands to your hips, move your knees and bum back as you bring your torso forward and parallel to the floor. Press through your heels and rise up with a neutral spine.
  • Not only are breaks good for your body, they’re also good for your eyes and mind. If you are able, stretch your eyes and clear your mind further by focusing on objects out a window that are far away.

Lastly, consider taking longer breaks from your phone and social media. This is a frightening proposition for some, but the potential benefits go beyond posture and extend to improved mental acuity and relaxation as well as greater awareness of our surroundings. Click here for a funny, truthful and quite yogic bit by Louis CK about cell phones and their interruption of our feeling emotion and being present in our lives.


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