30 Fascinating Facts about YogaWorks Teacher Training

In celebration of YogaWorks 30th Anniversary, we bring to you 30 fascinating facts about Teacher Training compiled by our Teacher Training Staff. Happy Reading!

First, here’s some YWTT history: The YogaWorks Teacher Training Program (YWTT) started in 1990 through the guidance and inspiration of senior teachers Chuck Miller, Lisa Walford and Maty Ezraty. Our yoga teacher training program pays homage to Indian yoga masters. YogaWorks has set a gold standard for teacher training that has helped develop many of the top yoga leaders of today.

30 Fascinating Facts about YWTT

  1. YogaWorks is a Vinyasa-based school that teaches a method that balances precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement.
  2. Our Larchmont training studio was originally founded in 1967 as the Center for Yoga. It was the first yoga studio to open in Los Angeles.
  3. Lisa Walford remains part of our 300-hour teacher training program and continues to teach at the YogaWorks studio on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.
  4. Throughout the years Maty Ezraty has come back to teach a series of continuing education courses at YogaWorks, which sell out within just a few days.
  5. In 2014, Maty Ezraty returned to teach a full 200-hour course in New York.
  6. The YWTT program isn’t about memorizing and reciting sequences; it will give you a stepping stone to lead a dynamic class to accommodate students with different levels of practice.
  7. YogaWorks hosts destination teacher trainings that allow students to travel abroad during their training. Students get the opportunity to go on excursions and stay on a resort during their rigorous studies.
  8. The entire Teacher Training Department has gone through the YogaWorks Teacher Training Program.
  9. Rasha, Director of YogaWorks Teacher Training, started as a greeter at our first YogaWorks studio on Montana Avenue and has been with the company for 18 years.
  10. The YogaWorks Teacher Training program will teach you to understand how the body works and how movement and breath are connected.
  11. YWTT has graduated over 10,000 qualified instructors.
  12. YWTT has student manuals in 7 different languages: Chinese, English, French, Greek, Japanese, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  13. YWTT has hosted trainings on 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica here we come).
  14. In 2017, the NYC Professional Program for Teachers launched a modular 300-hour format to help yogis with busy schedules complete their 500-hour studies.
  15. The YogaWorks teacher training allows students to find their voice, by giving them the freedom to develop their own safe sequences.
  16. YogaWorks graduates about 1,000 students per year.
  17. YWTT is built on the foundation of over 700 pages of original material, creating the gold standard for yoga teacher training.
  18. You will meet new people and create lifelong friends in teacher training.
  19. Each day of teacher training has a focus or theme that is thread throughout the schedule for that day.
  20. The YogaWorks Teacher Training program has formed and guided many of today’s yoga leaders including: Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Natasha Rizopoulos, Vinnie Marino, Kathryn Budig, and many more.
  21. Seane Corn started off as a greeter at YogaWorks, then took the teacher training courses and has since flourished in her training career.
  22. Since 2005, we have hosted partner teacher trainings around the globe. A partner training is when a local yoga studio hosts a YogaWorks teacher training. This allows the YogaWorks teacher training method to be experienced by a greater number of students.
  23. Many of our partner yoga teacher trainings come from YogaWorks alumni who now have opened their own studios.
  24. In YWTT, you will study alongside Mr. Bones, the anatomy skeleton.
  25. YogaWorks teacher trainers live and teach in six different countries: Greece, Japan, Mexico, Norway, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.
  26. Oliver Reinsch partnered with Alicia Cheung in creating the 200-hour destination trainings. They have since taught trainings in Bali, Morocco, and Fiji.
  27. Our New York City Teacher Training Center offers 12 free information sessions per year.
  28. Julie Wood is one of the original teacher trainers who helped develop MyYogaWorks.com classes. These classes are given to students within our trainings for free during their training process.
  29. Our Brooklyn studio was added to the roster of Teacher Trainings in 2015.
  30. Our first partner teacher training was hosted in Seattle, Washington.

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