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What is Pilates Reformer?

Pilates reformer utilizes specially designed Pilates equipment to create different degrees of tension to increase your strength and coordination.

There are many benefits to a Pilates reformer practice. If you are looking for more definition, toned muscles, and a stronger core, you should consider a consistent Pilates reformer workout.

Pilates for Everyone

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Pilates is good for all types of people, whether you're an athlete, a yogi, a runner, or even new to working out. We offer a state-of-the-art Pilates program with talented instructors. Pilates reformer is only offered at studios in California and New York.

If you have injuries or other concerns, please speak with a Pilates manager directly at one of our studios that offer Pilates reformer classes. Usually, Pilates is an ideal workout for most people.

Reformer Pilates
Private Pilates Reformer Class


Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformer group classes and private sessions are only available at select studios in California and New York. Pilates reformer is available at these studio locations:

Costa Mesa | Newport Beach | Playa Vista | San Francisco | Tarzana | Walnut Creek | Westlake Village | Westwood | Woodland Hills


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