"It’s not about how difficult the class is, but how much you're
willing to push yourself to improve.”

What To Expect in a Hatha Yoga Class at YogaWorks

YogaWorks’ Hatha yoga classes incorporate the essential elements of pranayama, philosophy, meditation and asana, but they’re tailored to the unique instruction of each individual teacher. YogaWorks teachers hail from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences, bringing their distinctly impassioned tones and techniques into their creative Hatha sequencing. Because of this, no two YogaWorks Hatha yoga classes are ever the same.

Like most of our offerings, we recommend starting with a level 1 class if you’re a beginner and progressing your way through the Hatha System from there. Hatha Yoga 1-2 classes provide a slower format and deeper dive into achieving the fundamentals of each pose with precise alignment and breathing cues.

From this foundation, intermediate and experienced yogis can practice Hatha Yoga levels 2-3, where there’s less emphasis on step-by-step cueing and more room to achieve advanced postures like arm balances, inversions and deep backbends. We recommend coming to a level 2 or 3 class with a prior understanding of Hatha yoga, but modifications will still be offered to make the class accessible for yogis of all levels.

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