1256 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024  |  310.234.1200

YogaWorks Westwood

About the studio

Within walking distance from UCLA and next door to the historic Crest Theater, our studio is located in the heart of the vibrant Westwood neighborhood. Entering the space you’ll be greeted by a lovely lounging area and a spacious yoga boutique. Students often connect after class in our shaded outdoor patio. Our yoga rooms are cheerful and bright with lots of windows and natural sunlight. Pilates students can take private sessions in our well-equipped Pilates room.

Classes are filled with an energetic mix of students from the nearby university campus, actors, moms and professionals dropping in before and after work. Power, Vinyasa and Flow classes are popular, with soothing Relax Deeply classes balancing out all that sweating.


Located in West Los Angeles, 100 yards south of Wilshire Blvd.



Designated YogaWorks student parking spots with purchase of a parking permit (never expires). Parking lot behind the studio; accessible from Glendon or Wellworth.

Except for Street Cleaning on Thursday and Friday mornings, there is usually ample parking on Rochester Ave, Ashton Ave and Wellworth Ave, just south of the studio and west of Westwood Blvd, including all around the park on Rochester/Veteran. Parking on these streets is non-metered, and is unrestricted or 2 hours free. It is not recommended to use any of the paid parking garages in the neighborhood, as they cost up to $30.

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YogaWorks - Alison Lindgren
Alison Lindgren

Teaching Locations

Westwood / Santa Monica Montana Avenue / Brentwood

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YogaWorks - Amy Lafond
Amy Lafond

Teaching Locations

Westwood / West Hollywood / Larchmont

view profile
YogaWorks - Amy Sullivan
Amy Sullivan

Teaching Locations

Westwood / West Hollywood / Santa Monica Main Street / Los Feliz

view profile
YogaWorks - Angela Kukhahn
Angela Kukhahn

Teaching Locations

Playa Vista / South Bay El Segundo / Westwood

view profile
YogaWorks - Barry Lowin
Barry Lowin

Teaching Locations

Playa Vista / South Bay El Segundo / Westwood / Brentwood

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YogaWorks - Beth Prandini
Beth Prandini

Teaching Locations

Westwood / Tarzana / Brentwood

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YogaWorks - Bianca Amelie Fearon
Bianca Amelie Fearon

Teaching Locations

South Bay El Segundo / Westwood / Brentwood

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YogaWorks - Brigitte Kouba
Brigitte Kouba

Teaching Locations

Westwood / Brentwood

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YogaWorks - Caleb Aschkynazo
Caleb Aschkynazo

Teaching Locations

Playa Vista / Westwood / Larchmont

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YogaWorks - Carmen Fitzgibbon
Carmen Fitzgibbon

Teaching Locations

Westwood / Pasadena / Larchmont

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YogaWorks - Chris Stein
Chris Stein

Teaching Locations

Playa Vista / Westwood / Santa Monica Montana Avenue

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YogaWorks - Gigi Snyder
Gigi Snyder

Teaching Locations

Westwood / Santa Monica Montana Avenue

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1 workshops

Inversions 101: For a New Perspective
by Beth Prandini
Westwood, CA
Mar 17, 2018
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