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We are a healthy lifestyle brand focused on enriching and transforming lives through yoga. Our mission is to honor and empower our students’ journey toward personal growth and well-being, no matter their age or physical ability, in an inclusive and community-oriented environment.

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Our Studios and Growth

Since the opening of our first studio in Santa Monica in 1987, YogaWorks has been built on the true belief that Yoga works for every body. This belief is exemplified in the diversity of the programming on our schedules as well as the studio spaces themselves, no two of which look alike. This diversity is in large part due to our unique growth model that is focused on acquiring existing studios and centralizing basic business functions while supporting the local programming and culture of each space. In fact, over two-thirds of our studios have been acquired.

This approach allows us to bring together some of the best yoga studios in the country under a national banner and provide exceptional opportunities for studio owners, teachers and students to grow.

Honoring the Legacy of Your Studio

While we take over the many painstaking administrative tasks associated with owning a studio following an acquisition, we always honor the legacy of each studio we acquire. From hiring the existing teachers and staff to serving the same beloved tea after class, we strive to maintain the unique character and culture of each studio that joins our family.

We also continue to support the ingenuity and dedication of the teachers by maintaining the programming that has been so carefully tailored to the local community. After all that is what made the studio successful in the first place.

Commitment to the People

Our unique model allows you to realize your personal goals while at the same time supporting your teachers and staff. We are very flexible in helping owners find the solution that is right for them following a sale, including joining us as an employee.

When you or your team members become YogaWorks employees, there is the opportunity to participate in our company-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance plans as well as our 401(k) program assuming certain basic eligibility criteria are met. We also offer all of our regularly scheduled employees the ability to deepen their practices by taking free classes at any of our studios. Finally, we provide a wealth of opportunities for teachers to take their careers to the next level.

Expand Your Community

By joining the YogaWorks family, your studio and its students, teachers and staff become part of a much broader learning community. From students being able to practice at studios across the country to bringing national workshops and specialty teacher training to your area, we create additional opportunities for growth every day.

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