Tranquil Space Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our emphasis is on encouraging the growth of one’s potential, enjoying the sacred in every day, and living our five studio values.

Initiative. Passion. Community. Creativity. Compassion.

For two decades, Tranquil Space has offered one of the premiere teacher training programs in Washington, DC. As the first program to be certified by the Yoga Alliance in DC, our training has cultivated many yoga teachers to teach at the highest standards. Tranquil Space Teacher Training is a journey of personal transformation. Whether you eventually want to teach yoga or just deepen your awareness of this dynamic practice, TT is a way to find your inner authentic voice as a yogi. Since joining the Yoga Works family, we look forward to continuing this established training.

Training with Tranquil Space teachers and fellow students is an absolute gift.

Marjorie DePuy

Tranquil Space Teacher Training Graduate

Level 1 Teacher Training

Level 1

Level 1 Teacher Training (TT1)

Our level 1 teacher training is offered 4 times a year between our Dupont and Arlington locations. TT1 is an intensive dive into the the essentials of yoga asana, pranayama, and philosophy. TT1 is a 40-hour overview of the essentials of teaching a complete yoga class. You will learn the basics of alignment, sequencing for vinyasa, and hands-on assists. Everyone who goes through our level 1 training says that it is a life-changing experience. TT1 is the first 40 hours of our 200-hour certification.

Upcoming Trainings: June 2018, August 2018, September 2018

Tranquil Space provided a well-rounded and holistic approach to teaching yoga. It covers anatomy, physiological structure, Ayurveda, and proper sequencing. Their teaching staff’s many years of experience count! Each student is given the basic tools necessary to teach, and enough space to develop areas of practice which resonate with their own vision. I really got a firm foundation of all teaching essentials. Thank you, Kevin, Siobhan, Carol, Anne, and all the guest teachers at Tranquil Space!


TT2 Grad

Level 2

Level 2 Teacher Training- 200-hour certification (TT2)

TT2 is a deep dive into the fundamental aspects of yoga teaching. TT2 helps individuals develop confidence in teaching methodology and assisting. This level builds on essentials from TT1 and brings many new topics into the dialogue. Students develop a mastery of asana, anatomy, sequencing, yoga philosophy, and how to find their own voice. Some specialty topics include: ayurveda, yin yoga, prenatal, and the business/ethics of yoga. TT2 involves 9 immersion weekends offered in either Spring or Fall, plus mentoring with some of our most experienced teachers. Graduates of TT2 have gone on to open yoga studios, teach yoga to marginalized groups, and teach yoga in almost every corner of the world. TT2 is a way to personally grow, while developing community with like-minded individuals.

Upcoming Trainings: Fall 2018

Level 2 Teacher Training

I am a proud graduate of Tranquil Space. I loved the community of learning that has been created there -- from the time I walked in as a new yogi to the moment I completed my final workshop presentation. Kevin Waldorf Cruz is one of the best teachers of teachers -- I can't imagine another person with a better personality and background to lead a group of highly professional teachers of the program, each with her or his own expertise and strengths. It really is a quality program and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


TT2 & ATT grad

Advanced Teacher Training


Advanced Teacher 300-Hour Training (ATT)

Our advanced teacher training is a way to take your teaching to the next level. ATT is designed to help existing yoga teachers (trained at the 200-hour level) continue to evolve their teaching style. We work to support teachers in their own growth, while building their knowledge of yoga and their confidence. In this training you will learn from master teachers about topics like: energetics, yoga nidra, psychology of yoga, trauma-informed yoga, tantra, samkyha, advanced principles of assisting, and yoga therapeutics. Students will be challenged to evolve their teaching style, learn how to seamlessly integrate yoga philosophy, and even learn how to design workshops and trainings for yoga teachers. The training concludes with a thesis workshop, which integrates all of the wisdom learned along the way with the teacher’s own particular brilliance. ATT is offered as a 9 month program, with one weekend a month, which students can elect to take over two years.

Upcoming Training: September 2018-May 2019

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