Abir Alzenate


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Kathryn Budig. Cameron Shayne. Frida Kahlo. Ibrahim El Feqi. My niece Sama. My husband, love and main guru Ben. Music. Movies. My teachers and yogi friends.

Why I Practice

I practice for inner and outer fitness and health. Yoga is my main workout and meditation technique. It makes me feel like an athlete of god dancing to the vibration of the universe.

Why I Teach

I teach because I have faith in the practice.The science, art and sacred life teachings of yoga are precious and timeless. I believe our species should continue to cherish it and pass it on for all generations and for the sake of all beings. It's a wonderful way to link the tangible with the ever-lasting. And it's a joy to share the benefits and fun lifestyle the practice brings with fellow practitioners and yogis. I learn a lot from my students. I also teach yoga for the wardrobe and the fact that I can take my shoes off and work barefoot.

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