Akil Taffe



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I'm constantly inspired by my fellow yogis of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc., but particularly inspired by those who have lived longer than I have with the experience and vibrance they add to the yogic way of life from novice to internationally renowned teachers and practitioners. I've often said that, "the only adults you see doing handstands and headstands are former gymnasts, dancers and yogis!"

Why I Practice

The practice of yoga allows me to continuously fine tune my relationship with my mental, physical and spiritual self. Through my practice, I have gained a deeper understanding of how certain stimuli trigger certain reactions within me, good and bad. Yoga gives me the tools to consciously and mindfully navigate the ebbs and flows along my life's journey, plus it makes me feels so damn good!

Why I Teach

When I teach, I learn. In order to be an effective teacher, one must constantly practice. Since I have incorporated the practice into my life and completed my 200 hour certification, i've become addicted to the blissful experience of sharing the practice with others and providing a safe container for them to journey through themselves to themselves.

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