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Alexis Marbach


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
Trauma-informed mentorship


  • Alexis teaches:

    In Studio

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I'm consistently inspired by the innate strength that we all have within us, and the deep resilience that we can all tap into.

Why I Practice

I practice as a way to give myself time to tune-in, and to find the space and quiet I need in order to reconnect (physically and emotionally). It's my time to become introspective and focus on interoception - which can be really hard for me in an urban environment like Boston!

Why I Teach

I started my 200 hour YogaWorks teacher training because I felt like my yoga practice had become such a grounding force, and I wanted to dive in and know more. While I was in my training, I realized that my practice was helping me to unpack my emotional and physical habits both on and off the mat, and that this deeper work was impacting every area of my life. I started teaching because I wanted to make this kind of healing work more accessible to others in my life. I would say that I keep teaching because I love supporting people in getting to that ah-ha! moment where they learn something new about themselves, whether is is an uncovered feeling or unrealized strength.

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