Alice Thompson


Training Certifications:

RYT 200
200-hour teacher training with InnerStrength Studios
Baptiste Level 1 training
Baptiste Art of Assisting
Currently enrolled in a 3-year training program at the Rhys Thomas Institute for Energy Medicine


  • Alice teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:


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I enjoy incorporating everything I learn into my teaching. My aim is to lead students out of their heads and into their hearts, where they can experience their own internal guidance and wisdom. My wish is for all students to experience first hand the strong, powerful, unbendable, loving soul quality that they are and always have been.

Why I Practice

After a successful career in finance, I started to feel like something was missing. I was exhausted, run down, and my body was beginning to fall apart. I knew this wasn’t how life was supposed to feel, and I asked myself what I could be truly happy doing for a long time. The answer was (and is) yoga.

Why I Teach

My yoga practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless—both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment mindfully, and this has led me to a deeper sense of who I am. I am honored and happy to share this life-changing practice with others.

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