Aliza Sutker


Training Certifications:

Anusara Yoga Instructor – Certified 2006
MELT® Method Instructor – Certified 2012
Certificate of Therapeutic Rehabilitation Yoga from Kabir Baug, Pune, India (2001)
Presently studying with Master Iyengar Teacher Donald Moyer


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I am inspired by my students, family and friends – all of whom are my teachers. In at least two ancient languages the word for breath and spirit are one and the same. Every breath is an “inspiration.”

Why I Practice

My practice allows me to be present for the learning that each moment brings. Daily practice allows me to stay authentic, to be with beginner’s mind, to remember my teachers and fill myself with gratitude for the knowledge with which I have been gifted. I practice to expand my knowledge, as well as to remain open to the mystery of the unknown.

Why I Teach

Having gone through a personal process of healing my own spine, I deeply understand the power of teaching yoga based on each person's unique needs. When yoga is offered privately and semi-privately, the learning is catapulted to a different level of awareness. The student learns much more quickly what he or she needs to balance their own system.

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