Amanda Briody


Training Certifications:

Charm City Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour


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I find inspiration everywhere as I carry yoga with me wherever I go and seek to apply its principles to whatever I do. My daily yoga practice with my amazingly strong and incredible aware teachers inspire me to continue re-grounding and re-energizing my body, mind, breath, and spirit through the practice of yoga. In my own classes, I offer a relaxing style and playful energy that allows for exploration of mind, body and self through conscious movement, mindfulness and connection to breath.

Why I Practice

Working as an inner-city high school teacher, I began practicing yoga to check out from the realities of my day-to-day and seek the peace and quiet that yoga fosters inside of me. I quickly developed a deep and devotional relationship to yoga. As the benefits of yoga began to infiltrate my being, I began to bring yoga with me everywhere. Practicing yoga on the mat is essential for me to keep practicing it off the mat, seeking inner peace in even the most challenging of situations.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because I believe that everyone has a unique situation to bring to the yoga practice. I want to share my love and experiences with others through the practice of yoga in hopes that as a community we can both find a connection and honor individuality through yoga.

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