Amy Sullivan


Training Certifications:

South Boston Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour
Shiva Rea Teacher Training 300-hour
800-hour Yoga Therapy Loyola Marymount University
100-hour Ayurveda Teacher Training


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I am inspired by the people that share their story with me. I am inspired by my mother and father who are the most kind-hearted people I know. And I'm kind of a yoga geek so I love classical texts and Books on Yoga, Healing and the Mind.

Why I Practice

My daily sadhana is my self-care practice that fills me up and sets the tone for my day. If I move consciously, breathe consciously and think consciously on my mat, than I can walk through my daily life with more awareness so I can be of service and present for others.

Why I Teach

I love being in a sacred space of people making an effort to connect to themselves. It is so easy in today's world to get distracted. I teach because I love to see people get stronger and more empowered. I love watching them transform throughout the practice. I see them trying to practice patience or being more compassionate to themselves and I feel humbled and honored to lead people back to their home in their heart.

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