Andrea Flores


Training Certifications:

Master Pilates Teacher


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I am inspired by Joeseph Pilates and my students who have the strength to work hard and watch their bodies and minds change.

Why I Practice

I began my journey into Pilates 17 years ago when a debilitating illness left me barely able to walk after over 20 years of being a fit and accomplished dancer. I was able to strengthen and create balance in my body that made me stronger than ever before. From my rehab with Pilates, I continued as a dancer and was inspired to begin my career in fitness with an emphasis on rehabilitation to help others achieve the same results.

Why I Teach

My approach is to help my clients go beyond their own goals and limitations through the Pilates Method. No two bodies are the same and should not be trained as such, and you do not need to be a dancer or athlete to receive the benefits. I read the body in front of me and have the knowledge to be versatile and dynamic so the client continues to evolve. Currently, I am studying Neurokinetic Therapy to continue to learn for my clients to help them recover faster from injuries.

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