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Great teachers like Elena Brower inspire me to teach with my own words, and mentors like Alexandria Crow have shown me that there is greater efficacy to keeping sequencing simple, structured and of course, anatomically sound. I'm also inspired by music as meditation; the way that a beat can synchronize with the rhythm of breath and movement to cultivate a harmonious union of body and mind—which is integral to the practice of yoga. To me, being a yogi does not mean to perform superhuman feats of strength and flexibility, but to quiet the ever-fluctuating mind and move the body in ways that are intuitively wise to the practitioner—all in a consistent effort to access the meditative state.

Why I Practice

I practice yoga to become better at life; to take what I've learned on the mat and apply it toward becoming the best version of myself I am capable of being. Practicing regularly makes me a more effective teacher, and increases my confidence as a writer by continually honing and refining my authentic voice. I am endlessly humbled by the ebb and flow of my own process.

Why I Teach

There are many good teachers, but to be a great teacher is to step into the role of the perpetual student. I have studied with many incredible, gifted teachers since I first received my 200-hour teacher training in 2010. But in all my experience teaching public classes since then, my greatest teachers have often been my students, and my own continued self-study through my yoga and meditation practices. I teach what I am still learning; what I am still working on and moving toward. When I see students progress over time, and the way their faces light up when they've surprised themselves in some way, it motivates me to not only keep teaching, but to dive deeper into this unraveling toward knowing our truest nature.

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