Anna Proctor


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-Hour
100-Hour Teacher Training with Nikki Estrada
100-Hour Anusara Advanced Immersion with Maritza
Study with JoAnn Lyons (yoga for people with disabilities)


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Working as the Executive Director of the Yoga Dana Foundation (bringing yoga to people with physical disabilities, to inmates in San Quentin, to girls in Juvenile Correction Facilities throughout the Bay Area, and to formerly homeless people in transitional housing. Learn more at:

Why I Practice

My practice allows me to participate more profoundly in my own experiences. The movement and stillness, purposeful breath, and mental concentration directly impacts how my life unfolds moment by moment, and encourages my awareness of life’s every beautiful detail and nuance. My life and my practice are inseparable now, and as a result, my practice continues to teach me about my life, and in turn, my life continues to inform my practice.

Why I Teach

The second we begin to move and breathe with awareness, we come into an entirely different kind of relationship with ourselves. I love creating a space in which that relationship can grow and evolve uniquely for each individual. It is incredibly fulfilling to share and express the things that I have embodied in my own practice, and observe how they translate and take unique shape in other people.

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