Annmarie Soul


Training Certifications:

RYT/E-RYT 200/500


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Nature is my biggest inspiration. Hiking on a trail deep in the mountains, sitting and listening to the sounds of nature is incredibly healing and centering for me.

Why I Practice

I used to practice yoga physically for many years, and then as time passed I began to live my yoga off of the mat. Yoga got into every cell of my being and every crevice of my life, bringing a deeper awareness of self and my inter-relatedness to life itself. Yoga has opened my heart and mind and brought a beautiful peace, a peace and love that I gratefully bring to the world through teaching.

Why I Teach

My classes are a sacred space to journey within and explore yourself. Together we create a healing container, allowing a sense of spaciousness and inner travel, taking the time to slow down, tune in, and feel the connection to Self. We focus on safe and intelligent alignment, so the body can become strong, healthy, and a conduit for vital energy to flow. We use our breath to balance the nervous system and calm the mind, bringing nourishment to our cells and a deeper level of presence within. We use our consciousness and intentions to align ourselves practicing loving kindness, patience, compassion, and a supportive way of being at home in our own skin. Journey with me as we use the body as a vehicle for creating more freedom and space within.

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