Ariele Foster


Training Certifications:

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training - 200-Hour
American Yoga School Teacher Training - 300-Hour
Anusara Immersion - 108-Hour
Yoga for Arthritis - 30-Hour
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
Licensed Physical Therapist
E-RYT 500


  • Ariele teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    14th Street

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My grandmother is my #1 inspiration. She was an amazingly energetic yoga teacher until age 87, and remains an incredibly wise soul. She lost nearly all her family, community and culture during the Holocaust, but never lived bitterly or doubted her capacity.

Why I Practice

Yoga helps me to see things more clearly, to create a bit of pause between thoughts. The practice brings up discomfort, much like "real life", but I know it’s working when I can breathe through off-the-mat challenges.

Why I Teach

Teaching yoga is a lot like practicing. Through teaching, I’ve become witness to the value of my words and energy. Through the responsibility to others, I’ve become a deeper student, teacher, and healer.

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