Ashlee Ramsey-Borunov


Training Certifications:

E-RYT 200


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I am most inspired by the gem of truth held in every human heart. No matter our story, culture, deeds, or values, we all have in common a seed of pure vulnerability and pure love. And of course nature, animals, friends, and family inspire me.

Why I Practice

Yoga provides an opportunity for me to clarify my inner atlas, connect with embodied intelligence, and experience divine self awareness. Via studies in challenge, pleasure, focus, surrender, and vulnerability, yoga provides a methodology for researching my inner and outer universe and discovering inner and outer truth.

Why I Teach

All humans deserve to experience the bliss of deeper understanding. All humans deserve to know they are important. As a teacher I am honored with the responsibility of providing a space for fellow humans to explore and feel their own wisdom, strength, and value.

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