Becky Nickerson


Training Certifications:

E-RYT 500
500-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification at the Himalayan Institute with Rolf Sovik, PsyD.; Sandra Anderson; Shari Friedrichson; and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD
Power Vinyasa Yoga Certification at Green Monkey, Miami Beach with Paul Toliuszis
Continued Ashtanga studies with Tim Miller, Tim Feldmann, and Daylene Christensen


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I am inspired by the myths and legends of yoga tradition, the ability to conjure up a magical force that is dormant within ourselves to combat evil sounds analogous to everyday life. I am inspired by my teachers and their previous teachers who have dedicated themselves to sharing the living tradition of yoga. I am inspired by the beauty in nature and the physical embodiment of energy in asana. Lastly, I am inspired by students who have so much strength and willingness to learn. I am humbled that they allow me to guide them through practice.

Why I Practice

A lifelong teacher's teacher, I practice for the love of not just asana, but all eight limbs of yoga. I am a dedicated meditation and pranayama practitioner and teacher, and my asana practice is an extension of my life and what yoga means to me on a daily basis.

Why I Teach

As an E-RYT 500 and founder of Infinity Yoga, I have developed my yoga practice through my travels in the United States as well as abroad in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Mexico. My classes combine breath awareness with movement, deep meditation, and music and offer an exciting, fun, and challenging way to connect the body, mind, and spirit.

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